Berufliche Auslandsaufenthalte

Luisa Punzet, a young carpenter, seizes an opportunity to work in Spain as a shipbuilder / with shipbuilders.

Luisa has a high level of motivation/is very motivated.  Despite the current situation due to Corona, carpenter Luisa Punzet made off for Spain and doing an internship at a shipyard, in Valencia.

Ready, steady, Go! Luisa, a journeywoman carpenter from Bamberg in Bavaria, drove to Valencia in the south of Spain with her car to complete a three-month internship at a shipyard. "Poco a poco - to the internship abroad" -was the motto of the 22-year-old, that needed patience when planning her stay abroad. Due to the COVID-19 additional documents and a negative PCR test were required. Luisa wants to grow into the Spanish lifestyle step by step.

Luisa was supported by the Mobility Coach Francesca Venturella from the Chamber of Crafts, Pfalz, and funded by Erasmus+ in cooperation with Sequa. "I can do a lot here and my Spanish is improving too," says happy Luisa. The efforts were worth it. A sailing boat floating on the water, sun, and sea. Just a nice place to work and craft.