Berufliche Auslandsaufenthalte

Pâtissier, Markus Bohr has repeatedly received German trainees for internships at Harrods in London for several years.


Training without borders: Mr Bohr, you are pastry chef at Harrods in London. What is your opinion on the topic of "international mobility"?

Essential! In modern times, when capital and human resources are needed and available globally at any moment, the future of the industry needs to exemplify flexibility. Knowing "what is going on" can be an important step in developing new trends, methods and recipes.

Training without borders: What do you think is an additional value of an internship abroad?

An expansion of an area of operation and personal enrichment through a stay abroad is a developing factor for the sustainable success that lasts a lifetime. I can only encourage it wholeheartedly.

Training without borders: What has been your personal experience in international professional education?

After more than 25 years of professional experience both within and outside of Europe, I am living proof that success and professional satisfaction go hand in hand. My career could never have progressed in the way it has been if I had not been willing and able to focus on new goals. When applying to the occupation field, ancient wisdom "travel educates" is more current nowadays than ever.

Training without borders: Would you advise other companies and trainers to send their employees abroad?

Absolutely! The added value of an internship abroad is potentially many times more than the "lost time" in the home company. The motivation of a trainee is increased by the experience gained. That improves the reputation of a company and helps to build the image of the modern, open-minded, and future-oriented crafts enterprise.

Hilde Übelhör, a custom tailor from Oberstdorf, has already sent two of her trainees abroad for internship and is convinced of its virtue

"The internship abroad was a remarkable experience for my trainee. She developed independence and advanced thinking skills.
The insight into a company that employs many people and the resulting different opinions about the company was also a unique experience.
I was already able to apply some of the work techniques in my company. According to the apprentice, the accommodation in a shared apartment with an Italian student was also amusing. They could talk only in English, and I found the internship very beneficial, from this point of view, too. It turned out that she was the only trainee in her vocational school who could take advantage of this opportunity.
All around, I endorse the internship abroad!" - says Hilde Übelhör